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Polka dotted BMW (In Japan, they of 10 have 2 story parking areas. particular 1 has metal flooring on the second level. flooring has holes in it to let water to pass through. On day, it was cloudy, so no direct light was shining through the holes of the second level flooring; just the light from the)
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Sunset the City ( Sunset in the City is a collage made entirely from magazine strips by collage artist Megan Coyle. )
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Ayahuasca Raura ( Ayahuasca RauraIn painting we check out the changing influence emanating from the celestial bodies on future, showing us that destiny is not static, it is in constant flux and we need to in an active manner seek future. The earth in the picture is enveloped in a luminous rainbow)

Cambria Traditional Table Image - 10497 Cambria Traditional Table
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Cambria Traditional Table - Furniture

Single pedestal base. Interlocking circle motif (thematic element of design, in carvings, inlay, fabric pattern or other surface decoration) on base. Made from hardwood (the wood of broad-leaved deciduous trees as distinguished from that of cone-bearing trees) solids, walnut (a hard cabinet wood, ch