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Exclusive Shabbat Vase Recommended Item

Shabbat Vase ()
Choose Fishermens Wharf San Francisco at Recommended Item

Fishermens Wharf San Francisco at (The renowned Fishermens Wharf in San Francisco at sunset. )
Low-priced PAINTED WIND EQUINE Marcia Baldwin Recommended Item

PAINTED WIND EQUINE Marcia Baldwin (The American Indian Pony is depicted in m of my equine original oil paintings. I try to capture the feeling of spirit and brain my paintings of the Indian War Horses. original was sold and now in a collectors beautiful home. enjoy fine art prints by Imagekind here on site. Thanks)
Stunning Tuscan Farm Watercolor Ink Ginette Callaway Recommended Item

Tuscan Farm Watercolor Ink Ginette Callaway (The original is sold. Contact artist for commission or otehr originals. is now available as small or big print framed or unframed. )
Trustworthy Manatee Love Recommended Item

Manatee Love (1 of my daydreams that came out on canvas. I love manatees. Being from Florida, they are the 1 species that I feel the most for. They are gentle giants that are run over by boats. )

For Easy of use Parrish The Glen Tabletop Lantern Rustic Lodge Table Lamp and Meyda Tiffany Lamps Lighting Decorative Table Lamps (Maxfield Parrish 1870 1966 , 1 of the best known and most productive artists of his day employed) read this here. Fine Art Tapestries Tapestry Wall Hangings Contemporary, Fine Art Tapestries Bouquet Of Majesty Large Wall HangingTapestry Wall Hanging (tapestry wall hanging will make an exceptional addition to homes decor. Tapestry Wall Hangings) and Unexpensive Meyda Tiffany W Lone Elk Lantern Mini Pendant (The Rustic Lodge Animals pendant ceiling fixture combines form and in 1 stunningly made product.) are available at,614753042.php (A sailboat on a tranquil sea is depicted on nautical f sided pendant shade. The fixture is).